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Real Gauchos

REAL GAUCHOS. 50 1-hr interviews with people who've done cool stuff. Hosted by Paul Rivas on KCSB 91.9 FM in 2011-13. Free on + iTunes Podcasts.

Apr 12, 2012

Paul Rivas interviews Melissa Ullom on knowing at age 11 that she wanted to be a dancer, graduating high school in three years and not going to college until seven years later, auditions being a buzz of hopes and dreams, having a supportive mom, eating saltines and canned beets with spray butterliving on her own in Texas at age 17, the finances of dance, waitressing to make it happen, switching from ballet to modern dance, quitting dance to get an edumacation, how dance pieces are written, collaborating with choreographers, transferring from Santa Barbara City College to UCSB and graduating early in art history, trying to make it in New York City, trying again to make it in New York City, actually making it with Parsons Dance, being in the zone, longevity, and how to pursue a dance career.