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Real Gauchos

REAL GAUCHOS. 50 1-hr interviews with people who've done cool stuff. Hosted by Paul Rivas on KCSB 91.9 FM in 2011-13. Free on + iTunes Podcasts.

Dec 11, 2011

Paul Rivas interviews Marsha Bailey, founder of the local non-profit Women's Economic Ventures (WEV), on growing up in an economically depressed Michigan manufacturing town, how she could have been Martha Stewart, having a series of incredibly awful jobs, working the switchboard in the real-life Muskegon version of Mad Men, moving to Santa Barbara in 1976 and appreciating the West Coast freedom to be yourself, deciding to do a master's in rhetoric at UCSB and starting two weeks later, creating WEV on the Grameen Bank microlending model, helping more than 2000 local businesses get off the ground, the difference between working for yourself and starting a business, and the dos and don'ts of running a start-up.