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Real Gauchos

REAL GAUCHOS. 50 1-hr interviews with people who've done cool stuff. Hosted by Paul Rivas on KCSB 91.9 FM in 2011-13. Free on + iTunes Podcasts.

Feb 28, 2012

Paul Rivas interviews Jim St. John on his 20 years in the sandwich business, being from Allentown, Pennsylvania, how going to high school in the 1980s was just like the movies, blowing it by not going to college, doing a Dynamy internship year, loving the radio business, operating out of an urban assault rock bus, coming to Santa Barbara in 1987 to be Music Director at 99.9 KTYD, experiencing the meteoric rise and fall of his radio career over four years, how awesome payola was, wearing his wife's underwear on the air, how caring more than everyone else and not being good at office politics got him fired, breaking himself on a rope swing, how the South Coast Deli works, the necessity of having bilingual workers in critical positions, why white people don't want to work in the back, doing business in Isla Vista, food trucks, and sending his son off to the University of Oregon.