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Real Gauchos

REAL GAUCHOS. 50 1-hr interviews with people who've done cool stuff. Hosted by Paul Rivas on KCSB 91.9 FM in 2011-13. Free on + iTunes Podcasts.

Jun 7, 2012

Paul Rivas interviews Frank Anderson on his childhood as an international adventurer, boarding school life, the fantastic advantages of having an identical twin, majoring in anthropology and history at UCSB and loving it, not making the Gaucho soccer team despite having combined with his twin Ian to score 12 goals in their very first game, work study at Isla Vista Parks & Recreation, graduating but never getting a job, getting his start in the referee business at age 19, being a referee prospect but not knowing it, reffing everything from Santa Barbara vs. San Marcos to Argentina vs. Brazil, the ref look, how to make quick and accurate decisions while running eight miles in a game, making his professional debut as an assistant referee in front of 95,000 people at the LA Coliseum for Barcelona vs. Chivas, refs wanting to see goals just as much as fans do, what it feels like to blow an offside call in an MLS game and incorrectly disallow a goal, being famous in the Latino community and the future of soccer in the United States.