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Greg Husak

Paul Rivas interviews Greg Husak LIVE on being raised by highly educated PE teachers in Southern California, playing team and individual sports in high school, Halloween Isla Vista 1992, the Anaconda, Environmental Studies as an undergraduate student, working on his frisbee game, not thriving in college until his third year when he got a job with A.S. and joined the Black Tide, how ultimate frisbee works, why they called him “Hollywood”, winning back-to-back-to-back national championships with UCSB, the differences between club sports and NCAA athletics, a 30-second explanation of how to throw the disc, end-zone celebrations, the song Ultimate Frisbee by local musical genius Parry Gripp, Geography as a graduate student, finishing his PhD in eight years, working on food security now as a UCSB researcher, food availability vs. accessibility, working in several countries in Africa, partying in Barcelona before even going to college, playing ultimate all over the world and even winning a world championship in 2002, his college surfing champion brother and his other brother the NFL quarterback, the fact that real athletes don’t play ultimate Frisbee, how free time can be your worst enemy, and how to get the most out of college.

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Tim Hodgson

Paul Rivas interviews Tim Hodgson LIVE on growing up in La Jolla back when it was still a small town, being at least a fourth-generation Californian, his memories of being a two-year-old and moving all over the country as a small child, getting his start as a waterman at age 8, surfing because he wanted to be cool, getting worked all summer without ever catching a wave before finally figuring it out and being compared to Phil Edwards, entering UCSB as a freshman in the fall of 1969 to avoid the draft, living like a hermit, rioting in Isla Vista, never having a major, dropping out to travel, politics in the Vietnam era, spending two years in Costa Rica on $800, the most epic surf day ever, the trouble with traveling, sailing to the Galapagos and getting two surgeries for $70, hunting pigs with a machete on Cocos Island and falling off a cliff, hippies, spending four days in an Ecuadorean jail, traveling from Peru to Brazil on $60, selling his clothes on a Bolivian street corner, the freedom of being stranded in South America with no money, trusting to circumstances and not being afraid, making a choice one day that led him down the road to growing up, and how traveling now isn't the same.

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Orlando Johnson

Paul Rivas interviews Orlando Johnson on growing up in Seaside, California, trying all sports (even rollerskating), not playing year-round basketball until his senior year of high school, being raised by his two brothers, getting 13 NCAA Division I basketball scholarship offers and going to Loyola Marymount, choosing to leave LMU when the coach who recruited him got fired after his freshman year, how his brothers decided he would attend UCSB, having to sit out a year, what kind of player he is, winning two consecutive Big West Championships with UCSB and playing in two NCAA tournaments, why he didn't leave for the NBA after his junior season, how he graduated with a degree in sociology, life as an elite student-athlete, the Indiana Pacers paying $3,000,000 to get him with the 36th pick in the NBA Draft, life in Indiana, adjusting to playing in the NBA, working on his game, becoming a lock-down defender, wanting a piece of Derrick Rose or whomever, not stopping until he's the best player in the league, appreciating the friendship of people who aren't basketball players, saving his money, and his message to UCSB student-athletes.

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Todd Tressler

Paul Rivas interviews Todd Tressler LIVE on growing up on a Santa Barbara mountainside, joining a women's track club in fourth grade to get faster for soccer, playing every sport as a kid, his late father's rivalry with Dave Thoreson, starting at quarterback for San Marcos High School JV Football before quitting to run cross country as a junior, how low mileage in high school got him fast and kept him injury-free throughout his career, the great high school track coach Chris Schultz, being recruited by bigtime track schools, life as a student-athlete at Villanova University, running for Arkansas as an economics graduate student, his 100-mile week, being named All-American and winning two national championships at Arkansas, legendary coach John McDonnell and his 42 NCAA championships, how non-running health issues kept him out of the Olympic Trials, failing as a professional runner, his first job after college tasting Balance Bars, his current job as the comptroller for Elite Performance and Rehabilitation Center, and returning to San Marcos to coach distance runners in an era where Cross Country is a lot cooler than it used to be.

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Andy Graham

Paul Rivas interviews Andy Graham LIVE on growing up a regular kid in Southern California, quitting football to play baseball year round, not being allowed to throw curve balls, throwing his first change-up by accident, burnout in youth sports, pitching for UCSB against several future big leaguers, not realizing until he played in the Cape Cod League that he could be a professional baseball player, graduating from UCSB in four years, life as a minor leaguer, playing for teams with funny names, returning to UCSB Athletics as a development guy, life after professional sports, and advice for student-athletes.

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Parry Gripp

Paul Rivas interviews Parry Gripp LIVE on being a Goleta loc born at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, the decade he lost studying to be a world-class orchid judge, screwing around at UCSB and then SBCC before finally graduating from the UCSB College of Creative Studies as an English major on the eight-year plan, writing for The Santa Barbara Independent, the Isla Vista scene in the 1990s, how his life changed when his mother died, his song Ultimate Frisbee, how doing the theme song for Buffy helped make Nerf Herder big in the UK, fleeting rock stardom, doing what you love doing, what Young Girl Talking About Herself has meant for him, how the internet and YouTube changed his life, how to become a successful musician, the Spanish in Unicornio Espacial, his best-selling songs, and the Bob and Doug McKenzie song Take Off with Geddy Lee from Rush.

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Marty Davis

Paul Rivas interviews Marty Davis on growing up in NorCal, witnessing the Yosemite Firefall every summer as a young outdoorsman, not picking up a tennis racket until age 12, getting a college tennis scholarship to Cal at the last minute, repeatedly losing to Stanford's John McEnroe in front of thousands of fans, graduating as an economics major, deciding to travel the world and play tennis until his money ran out, playing professional tennis 12 years and never running out of money, beating former World No. 1 player the nototious Ilie Nastase and other greats such as Brian Teacher and Aaron Krickstein, losing more than he won, being in the zone, helping create the ATP World Tour, getting into coaching, how to recruit college athletes, raising money to fund scholarships for international players, drugs in tennis, raising his two sons to be successful UC students, and how being a college athlete prepares people for life in the real world.

Real Gauchos is Thursdays 4pm on KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara.

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George Powell

Paul Rivas interviews George Powell on life as a Hollywood High Sheik, being a freshman engineer at UCSB before transfering to Stanford, building his first skateboard as a kid in LA and later enjoying skateboarding's first resurgence while at Stanford, getting introduced to corporate culture at HP, quitting to sail from the Caribbean to San Francisco, his employment ups and downs, becoming a skateboard company, crossing paths with Stacy Peralta, the story of the iconic Powell Peralta graphics and the artist VCJ who drew them, how college students can skate better, and taking his small business from zero to the top and then back to zero and then back to the top again only for way less money.

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Harvey Schechter

Paul Rivas interviews Harvey Schechter on growing up in Brooklyn during the Great Depression, almost dying of rheumatic fever, moving to Santa Barbara at age 18 in 1941, becoming a cowboy and real gaucho, riding a horse to school at Santa Barbara State College, graduating from Santa Barbara College of the University of California in 1947, quitting school during wartime to work on a rubber farm in Salinas, struggling as a 4-F during World War II, changing his grad school plans to chase a girl, his 41-year career with the Anti-Defamation League, going to Dodger camp at age 70, getting old but staying sharp, and the importance of giving back.

Real Gauchos is Thursdays 8am on KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara and

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Tyler Anderson

Paul Rivas interviews Tyler Anderson on growing up in Goleta, not discovering surfing until sixth grade, spending all day at the beach under the tutelage of the Campus Crowd Control, the DIY marketing required to transition from amateur to professional surfing, traveling the world the hard way for several years as a professional surfer, the art and science of shaping surfboards, Jack Johnson, going back to Santa Barbara City College for three years at age 24, transfering to Sacramento State for mechanical engineering, and his upcoming internship at SpaceX.

Real Gauchos is Thursdays 8am on KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara and

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Cathy Murillo

Paul Rivas interviews Cathy Murillo LIVE on being born in East L.A., growing up Mexican-American but not speaking Spanish, having a drug-dealer father who went to prison, getting accepted to Brown but going to UCSB because it was a nice place and her friends were going there, majoring in drama and never getting a bad review as an actor, writing for the Los Angeles Times and Ventura County Star, reporting on politics and the legal system for The Santa Barbara Independent, transitioning to different media by serving as News Director for KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara, being the first Latina elected to the Santa Barbara City Council, how to win an election, the Santa Barbara gang problem, her whole life having led up to her budding political career, donating to KCSB on-air in the studio during the annual fund drive, and how people can reach their goals. Music by The Double Zeros.

Real Gauchos is Thursdays 8am on KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara and

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Mark Patton

Paul Rivas interviews Mark Patton LIVE on growing up in Santa Barbara, being raised by a newspaper editor, choosing to stay at home and attend Santa Barbara City College before transfering to USC on a journalism scholarship, getting expert mentorship throughout his writing career, almost screwing up his first professional news assignment, witnessing watershed moments in UCSB Athletics history, the Vietnam draft and recruitment, his Washington DC politics internship, covering the Bucky Waterfield murder trial in Santa Maria and hanging out with Jane Russell, working for the Santa Barbara News-Press for 35 years and counting, why he didn't take a bigtime job offer in Sacramento, that time he came to the San Marcos High School career fair, and what the future holds for those who want to be writers. Music by The Double Zeros (Intro, Missing Hawaii, Take Flight).

Real Gauchos is Thursdays 8am on KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara and

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Dayne Gingrich

Paul Rivas interviews Dayne Gingrich LIVE on growing up in Goleta, not taking school seriously, when UCSB assistant coach Ben Howland called him a hothead, playing tennis at Santa Barbara City College long enough to be named an All-American, idiotically becoming a professional tennis player, how he landed a job as a radio dj, what it felt like to discover he wasn't meant to be a tennis player, what it takes to start a small business, coaching athletes to commit to the process of achieving ridiculous levels, working with athletes to do better than their best, and what young people today can do to help themselves reach their goals. Music by The Double Zeros (Take Flight, Windward, Missing Hawaii).

Real Gauchos is Thursdays 8am on KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara and

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Jamall Broussard

Paul Rivas interviews Jamall Broussard on growing up playing football in Texas, his year in Rhode Island at the Naval Academy prep school, NCAA Division I football recruiting, playing at Texas Tech, Cañada College, and San Jose State, the academics of college football, living in a Kentucky hotel while making the NFL minimum, being an undersized wide receiver, athleticism in the NFL, playing in the NFL Europe, CFL, and Arena League, not being bitter any more, the importance of having a more complete plan rather than a back-up plan, success in real estate, financial education for athletes, and his advice for first-year NCAA Division I student-athletes. Music by The Double Zeros (Song for My Father, Take Flight, Windward).

Real Gauchos is Thursdays 8am on KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara and

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Jamie Considine

Paul Rivas interviews Jamie Considine on growing up in Coronado, traveling the country as a club soccer player, being a four-year starter at goalkeeper for UCSB, playing lots of soccer and doing lots of partying but not really applying herself in school, learning the hard way that she wanted to be a nurse, doing college all over again to pursue that goal, finding out that she could be good at science if she was willing to work at it, being motivated by more than just breakfast burritos, what it's like to be a nurse on the cancer floor, why she's quitting cancer nursing for emergency room nursing, her domestic partnership with a woman, having an uncle who's buddies with Newt Gingrich, no longer arguing with people who don't support equality but seeing people come around on their own with time, being gay in Santa Barbara, the relationship between college athletics and nursing, and how to stay out of the emergency room. Music by The Double Zeros (Intro, Missing Hawaii, Take Flight).

Real Gauchos is Thursdays 8am on KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara and

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Nicole Stern

Paul Rivas interviews Nicole Stern on growing up in Arizona, lettering in five varsity sports in high school, being recruited to play soccer at Stanford University but not making the team, turning that disappointment into an opportunity to focus on other things, what Apaches call themselves, having to repeat her first college chemistry class, taking the MCAT a few times, the challenges of medical school, traditional Native medicine, sports medicine, being a primary care physician for college students, and how non-Natives can contribute to the American Indian cause. Music by Matou (Remembrance, Wicohan) and The Double Zeros (Take Flight).

Real Gauchos is Thursdays 8am on KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara and

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Cathy Farley

Paul Rivas interviews Cathy Farley on her lifetime of kicking butt, migrating from Chicago to Santa Barbara in the way back of a station wagon, coming to UCSB as a transfer student from Mira Costa College, competing as a thrower on the UCSB Track & Field team for the legendary Sam Adams, her second-degree black belt in karate, winning the 1987 Miss Santa Barbara bodybuilding competition, how her Police Academy experience was just like the movies, having done every local law enforcement job that's ever existed, the fact that assaults in Isla Vista is nothing new, what policing UCSB involves, training at the FBI National Academy, her interest student activism, surviving breast cancer, hoping Floatopia can make a comeback as a locals-only event, and her new gig as the first-ever Assistant Chief of the local UCPD.

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Craig Nelson

Paul Rivas interviews Craig Nelson on growing up north of Canada, using his 1959 Topps cards to play an insane proto-fantasy baseball game, his transition from midwestern college dropout to California baseball card store owner, the multiple deaths of the baseball card hobby, running the largest unpaid babysitting operation in the Santa Barbara area, 26 years of Great American Baseball Cards lore, joining the Internet revolution that killed his store, and his impact on a generation of young people in Santa Barbara.

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Rand Holdren

Paul Rivas interviews Rand Holdren on growing up in Santa Barbara in a family of star athletes, the professionalization of youth sports today, experiencing culture shock after switching schools, transferring from San Marcos to Bishop for his senior year of high school, how he got a football scholarship to SMU, quitting football in this third year and getting a regular job, becoming disenchanted with his desk job, taking acting classes at SBCC, how he got into show business, memorable moments in his acting career, his short film Smith and Mike on a Tuesday, directing Brian Baumgartner in Training for Tahoe, what he's learned from a lifetime in sports, and the best athlete he ever saw in Santa Barbara.

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Mike Meyer

Paul Rivas interviews Mike Meyer on growing up in the midwest, almost making it into Hoop Dreams, being recruited to play college basketball, choosing to come to UCSB despite not ever having heard of Santa Barbara or gauchos, being depressed by the constant sunshine and lack of seasons in southern California and almost leaving UCSB, making it to the NCAA tournament and winning a game as a freshman but not really appreciating it, his two backdoor alley-oops over J.R. Rider of UNLV, guarding several future NBA players in the Big West of the early 1990s, playing for Coach Pimm, being washed up now and wondering how he ever dunked, being sick of pre-med after his junior year and deciding to pursue business, graduating with a bio-psychology degree but with no work experience due to having played basketball his whole life, working at Starbuks after graduation and being dismayed that kids today can't move the line like he could, the management side of coaching little girls' basketball, and what it means to be living in Santa Barbara and still have fans today.

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Frank Anderson

Paul Rivas interviews Frank Anderson on his childhood as an international adventurer, boarding school life, the fantastic advantages of having an identical twin, majoring in anthropology and history at UCSB and loving it, not making the Gaucho soccer team despite having combined with his twin Ian to score 12 goals in their very first game, work study at Isla Vista Parks & Recreation, graduating but never getting a job, getting his start in the referee business at age 19, being a referee prospect but not knowing it, reffing everything from Santa Barbara vs. San Marcos to Argentina vs. Brazil, the ref look, how to make quick and accurate decisions while running eight miles in a game, making his professional debut as an assistant referee in front of 95,000 people at the LA Coliseum for Barcelona vs. Chivas, refs wanting to see goals just as much as fans do, what it feels like to blow an offside call in an MLS game and incorrectly disallow a goal, being famous in the Latino community and the future of soccer in the United States.

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Jonah Lehrer

Paul Rivas interviews Jonah Lehrer LIVE at the UCSB CLAS Writing Lab on his failure as a scientist, the importance of writing about science to understand it, how writing is work, boring friends with early drafts, his development from a pretensious undergrad to a best-selling author, how Imagine convinced him to take a walk when he's stuck and not pound more coffee, improving as a writer to the point that his editor has to cut less and less but still going through countless drafts, how honesty is better than brainstorming, wanting to be Oliver Sacks, choosing easy and working hard, and practical advice for aspiring writers; produced by Amy Boutell.

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Bill Harrison

Paul Rivas interviews Bill Harrison on founding KCSB in 1962 out of Anacapa Hall at UCSB but not allowing rock music, the early sixties still being the fifties, his fantastic chldhood in Santa Barbara, having great mentors, getting his start in the La Cumbre Junior High School theater program, being thrilled to do the morning news and Gaucho football for KTMS 1250 AM for $1/hour, the ephemeral nature of student projects, how to grow a radio station, KCSB getting big with the Kennedy assassination, changing majors from speech & drama to engineering and back again before transferring to Michigan State as a senior, balancing school and work, how to figure out what you want to do, getting a dream job that didn't even exist when he thought of it, leaving it to make room for those he'd mentored, becoming a therapist after his divorce, falling in love with a man and having to accept in his 40s that he was gay, meeting his children's stepfather online, what it feels like to come back to KCSB 50 years after founding it, and what Real Gauchos has to do to last 50 years.

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Sofía Novak

Paul Rivas interviews Sofía Novak on having family in Uruguay who are actually gauchos, her decision to come play tennis at UCSB, the academic adjustment from being a straight-A high school student to having a rough first quarter in college, how she studies and manages her time, learning to ask for help at CLAS, changing her major from economics to global studies in her junior year because it was fun and graduating early, being a bilingual and bicultural first-generation American, how tennis works, marketing internships in Marbella and Miami, applying for marketing jobs, studying abroad in Spain with UCEAP, and how to be an academically successful athlete.

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Geng Wang

Paul Rivas interviews Geng Wang on life as a walk-on the UCSB water polo team, the transition from high school to college, studying abroad in China for five months with UCEAP, participating in the 2012 UCSB New Venture Competition, what majoring in business economics will get you if you don't want to go into finance, wanting to move to China to work even though his family worked so hard to leave when he was 1, making sure he takes advantage of everything UCSB has to offer, how to be academically successful as a student athlete, how to actually learn stuff, using UCSB CLAS services early and often to earn a 3.72 GPA, how to know when you know the material, advice for new student athletes, and how UCSB prepares students for the world.

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Melissa Ullom

Paul Rivas interviews Melissa Ullom on knowing at age 11 that she wanted to be a dancer, graduating high school in three years and not going to college until seven years later, auditions being a buzz of hopes and dreams, having a supportive mom, eating saltines and canned beets with spray butterliving on her own in Texas at age 17, the finances of dance, waitressing to make it happen, switching from ballet to modern dance, quitting dance to get an edumacation, how dance pieces are written, collaborating with choreographers, transferring from Santa Barbara City College to UCSB and graduating early in art history, trying to make it in New York City, trying again to make it in New York City, actually making it with Parsons Dance, being in the zone, longevity, and how to pursue a dance career.

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Lynn Fitzgibbons

Paul Rivas interviews Lynn Fitzgibbons on being born in Fiji, growing up in Scotland, moving to the US at age 13, coming from wearing regulation socks and underwear at Jordanhill School in Glasgow to the free-for-all of Santa Barbara Middle School, growing up in Britain at a time when girls still couldn’t play basketball or soccer, playing the first girls’ water polo in Santa Barbara, what actually goes on under the water, how to get good grades in chemistry, the path to being a doctor, moving to Uganda for a year as a volunteer teaching fellow in a real African hospital, seeing the mountain gorillas, doing a fellowship in infectious disease, what her 14-month-old will be when she grows up, how to avoid going insane doing a triathlon, whether tequila is good for colds, and advice for future med school students.

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Matt Kettmann

Paul Rivas interviews Matt Kettmann on his briefest of radio careers, being a fifth-generation Californian of shepherding heritage, deciding to go to UCSB after visiting Isla Vista in high school, IV Halloween being over back in 1995, hanging out with his uncle Merv Griffin, covering the Michael Jackson trial in Santa Maria with the corporate media horde, the changing media landscape, majoring in anthropology and minoring in professional writing, starting his career homeless, rising from unpaid intern to senior editor at The Santa Barbara Independent, working for the renowned Marianne Partridge, how the newspaper business works, how to become an international journalist, foregoing graduate school for the opportunity to make a low wage sooner, writing for Time magazine and The New York Times, and being a friend of the people.

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Michael Young

Paul Rivas interviews Michael Young LIVE at the winter 2012 finale of Don Lubach's UCSB course Education 118, The Research University and the Transfer Student Experience, on growing up a regular midwesterner, being groomed by his ruthless mother to pursue higher education, going to college a negro and coming out black, registering black voters in the Mississippi Delta at age 19, his litany of university jobs, why being relentless is better than being smart, the true meaning of 'career' for new graduates, and why he hasn't retired as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

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Kathy Gregory

Paul Rivas interviews Kathy Gregory on her Catholic schoolgirlhood, almost coming to UCSB in college but instead playing several sports at LA State, majoring in sociology and physical education and minoring in math, playing professional beach volleyball, coaching UCSB women's volleyball for 37 years and counting, continually learning from mistakes, how athletes today are soft, offering the ocean instead of scholarships, how playing in a beach tournament with The Panther at age 14 cured her of her shyness, coaching being about managing people, learning to be less honest, being brutally competitive, the challenges of success, wanting to make people feel better every day, seeing students benefit from study abroad, her long friendship with Wilt Chamberlain, playing for Team USA in the Pan-American Games and World Games, how she keeps feeling young, not planning for the future, and what student-athletes today need in order to succeed academically.

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Jim St. John

Paul Rivas interviews Jim St. John on his 20 years in the sandwich business, being from Allentown, Pennsylvania, how going to high school in the 1980s was just like the movies, blowing it by not going to college, doing a Dynamy internship year, loving the radio business, operating out of an urban assault rock bus, coming to Santa Barbara in 1987 to be Music Director at 99.9 KTYD, experiencing the meteoric rise and fall of his radio career over four years, how awesome payola was, wearing his wife's underwear on the air, how caring more than everyone else and not being good at office politics got him fired, breaking himself on a rope swing, how the South Coast Deli works, the necessity of having bilingual workers in critical positions, why white people don't want to work in the back, doing business in Isla Vista, food trucks, and sending his son off to the University of Oregon.

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Ernie and Leslie Zomalt

Paul Rivas interviews Ernie Zomalt on growing up in Compton, coming to UCSB on a $125/semester football scholarship, working in the pot room at the dining commons, how "Cactus" Jack Curtice got his nickname, being the only black student at UCSB in 1961, playing against an all-star team in Mexico City, benefiting from the mentorship of UCSB's minority labor force, starting his 30-year career in higher education as Assistant Dean of Students, enjoying his mandatory ROTC experience, serving in the Army during the Vietnam era, and the role of athletics at research universities; and Leslie Zomalt on studying in France on the very first UC Education Abroad Program in 1962, taking regular university courses with real French students, being in Berlin for Kennedy's "Berliner" speech, how coming home is the hardest part, her life of internationalism, contributing to the Gilman International Scholarship effort that made the UCSB EAP #1 in the nation for Fall/Year 2011-12 programs, celebrating the 50th anniversary of UCEAP this year, and why more Americans don't study abroad despite the fantastic benefits thereof.

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Margaret Connell

Paul Rivas interviews Margaret Connell on how cool it was to be the first Mayor of Goleta, trying to set up a Goleta Parks & Recreation commission without ever having watched the show Parks & Recreation, studying zoology at Oxford when she should have studied history or politics, meeting her game-changing ecologist husband when he was doing his PhD on barnacles, moving to Goleta and living at Storke Ranch on the current site of Harder Stadium, putting her fist in the air when she sees the City of Goleta sign on the freeway, being on the school board that almost closed Dos Pueblos High School, her extensive work with Planned Parenthood, how underrated Downtown Goleta is, campaigning, and her message to the people of Goleta.

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Jenny Yusin

Paul Rivas interviews Jenny Yusin on growing up desperate to leave Irvine, selling size 00 clothes at the South Coast Plaza Banana Republic, being picked on in high school, not remembering her first night in Isla Vista, switching from being a pre-med chemistry major to an English major in her junior year, subsequently discovering herself and life as a college student, rowing for UCSB, doing a PhD in English at Emory University, teaching black women at Spellman College, post-Colonial South Asian literature, trauma theory & psychoanalytic theory, identity in literary studies, how smart Salman Rushdie is, what it's like to be a Drexel University English professor, training for Ironman triathlons, wondering if she should've been a doctor, actually reading the books she assigns her students, the academic job market, and how students can get more out of their reading.

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Joshua Moon Johnson

Paul Rivas interviews Joshua Moon Johnson on growing up a Korean-American/European-American in Gulfport, Mississippi, dressing like he's from the future, making the jump from Pentecostal home school weirdo to not extremely gender conforming public high school trumpet player soccer player leadership guy and closet ballet dancer, spending half his life doing graduate school three times, experiencing three hate-related incidents in DeKalb, Illinois, directing the UCSB Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, rich and white communities like Santa Barbara are being immune to hate, being from a military family, the abundance of LGBTQ student organizations on campus, and how to support the LGBTQ community.

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Coach Jerry Pimm

Paul Rivas interviews Coach Jerry Pimm on Jim Rome's KCSB days, being hooked on coaching, leading the nation in scoring as a high school senior, being good at everything from kick-the-can to golf, going to the Elite Eight at Utah but leaving to coach UCSB, living on a yacht in the Santa Barbara harbor, growing bigtime basketball in Santa Barbara, how getting in Akeem Olajawon's head cost UCSB the game against the Houston Phi Slamma Jammas, taking Jim Valvano out on the boat before the Gauchos whooped North Carlina State, knowing Jerry Tarkanian for 50 years, having great assistant coaches like Ben Howland, changing his thinking about tattoos, dividing his time between working out and watching sports on a 63-inch screen, his PGA-hopeful grandson Dustin Pimm, and being passed by Bob Williams as the winningest coach in UCSB history.

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Jim VanBlaricum

Paul Rivas interviews Jim VanBlaricum on passing the California bar exam and moving to New York the next day, passing the New York bar exam years later but never practicing law, his Tin Tin superfandom, his uncle's James Bond submarine, watching the best Christmas movie ever 200 times, walking into strangers' homes in Isla Vista and drinking their beer as a Santa Barbara high schooler, co-hosting the Crappy Cinema Council comedy show in Brooklyn, comedians you've never heard of, his creative process as a stand-up comic, how to become a comedian, Murtaugh jokes, the early 1990s Santa Barbara pipe bomb craze, dressing up as an analrapist for Halloween, life in the best city in the world, and being old enough to give and receive advice.

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Mike Miller

Paul Rivas interviews Mike Miller on his fantastic childhood on the Skokomish Indian Reservation, being the cowboys in Cowboys & Indians, screwing up in high school until a counselor set him straight, being the only member of his family to ever go to college, running the mile in 3:55, running professionally but sleeping in his car, struggling in the 2000 and 2004 USA Olympic Trials, the most prize money he ever won, being a stone-cold psycho, running 100 miles per week, steroids in track & field, joining the Army and starting basic training on September 11, 2001, raising healthy kids, doing a PhD, directing the UCSB Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, and his sportswriting habit.

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Marsha Bailey

Paul Rivas interviews Marsha Bailey, founder of the local non-profit Women's Economic Ventures (WEV), on growing up in an economically depressed Michigan manufacturing town, how she could have been Martha Stewart, having a series of incredibly awful jobs, working the switchboard in the real-life Muskegon version of Mad Men, moving to Santa Barbara in 1976 and appreciating the West Coast freedom to be yourself, deciding to do a master's in rhetoric at UCSB and starting two weeks later, creating WEV on the Grameen Bank microlending model, helping more than 2000 local businesses get off the ground, the difference between working for yourself and starting a business, and the dos and don'ts of running a start-up.

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Yolanda Garcia

Paul Rivas interviews Yolanda Garcia on being one of the first Chicanos at UCSB, not being prepared academically for university study, hating school and wanting to leave after her first quarter, her 40+ groundbreaking years in higher education, the evolution of her educational mission from the creation of EOP to her role as Assistant Vice Chancellor, being made to feel dumb by her PhD work and almost quitting, the value of mentorship, the importance of student organizations to the development of a progressive society, living through such a tumultous period in American history, and making the university a welcoming place for all students.

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Linda Meyer

Paul Rivas interviews Linda Meyer on being one of the best (and only) soccer players in the world before Title IX made women's sports a thing, being named to the 1990 Soccer America Women's MVPs team featuring future World Cup champions Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain and Julie Foudy, working for the Daily Nexus as a student ad sales rep and now as the business manager, choosing to stay in Santa Barbara after college, marrying a UCSB basketball alumnus and having Jack Rivas perform the ceremony, raising two small girls who are interested in sports, and how Isla Vista never really changes.

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Viviana Marsano

Paul Rivas interviews Viviana Marsano on working at the UCSB Multicultural Center for 20 years, coming to Santa Barbara from Argentina on a Fulbright scholarship, doing a PhD in Irish history by mistake, studying & working abroad, visiting Argentina during an economic crisis, reverse culture shock, Café Buenos Aires, the importance of culture and quality in translation and interpreting, the Santa Barbara Latino community, Latin American immigration, diversity at UCSB and in Argentina, the challenges of being a college student today, and the Holy Land theme park Tierra Santa in Buenos Aires.

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Dick Flacks

Paul Rivas interviews profesor jubilado of sociology and history-maker Dick Flacks on being a red diaper baby, singing protest songs at commie summer camp, seeing Jackie Robinson play during his first week with the Brooklyn Dodgers, almost meeting and then meeting Bob Dylan, contributing to the original Port Huron Statement, what the 1960s would have been like with Twitter, surviving an assassination attempt, where he was during the Isla Vista bank burning, increasing the diversity of the UCSB student body, 30 years as a KCSB programmer, blogging and writing his memoirs during retirement, and how to effect positive social change as an old-timer.

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Bill Mahoney

Paul Rivas interviews the man who named The Thunderdome, KCSB 91.9 FM alumnus Bill Mahoney, on hosting a trivia show with Jim Rome, sharing a trailer office with UCSB Football, seeing more Gaucho games than anyone ever, paying children to do official NCAA tasks, why UCSB beating #2 UNLV in 1990 was so awesome, Orlando Johnson vs. Brian Shaw, Athletics as a microcosm of the internationalization of the UCSB campus, the benefit of athletics to research universities, how the university's relationship with Santa Barbara has changed over the last 30 years, lunching with Nobel Prize winners, and the future of college sports.

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Mary Nisbet

Paul Rivas interviews Mary Nisbet on growing up a baby boomer in Dundee, Scotland, being the only girl in her high school math and science courses, being the first in her family to go to college, the correct pronunciation of Loch Ness, the culture shock of moving to England, having a baby in Fiji while teaching at a university where admission was based on race, working as a professor and doing a PhD with three children, moving to Santa Barbara 20 years ago, the convenient adoption of British accounting education in the US, not being able to type for toffee, her current role as Dean of Undergraduate Education in the College of Letters & Science at UCSB, why a UC education is still a good investment, and how to stay married 40 years.

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Ryan Spilborghs

Paul Rivas interviews fellow Santa Barbara native Ryan Spilborghs on his addiction to watching the Dodgers as the child of immigrants, being knocked out of a Little League game by Bubba Ray Robison, his 35-game hitting streak as a UCSB Gaucho, doing plyometrics when everybody else was doing steroids, the sociocultural realities of playing in Mexico, the lucky breaks and hard work that got him to the big leagues, being the worst hitter in World Series history, hitting the only walk-off grand slam in Colorado Rockies history, fatherhood, and The Mesa.

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Gabriel Grosvald

Paul Rivas interviews Gabriel Grosvald, the leading stand-up comedy producer in Argentina, on his recent trip to Facebook headquarters in California, the nascent stand-up boom in Argentina, American stand-up influences, the Jewish comedic tradition, the future stardom of Ezequiel Campa and Malena Pichot, and Chilean miner jokes.

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Justin Mabardi

Paul Rivas interviews Justin Mabardi on being an alternatively educated child capitalist adventurer, accidentally majoring in drama at UCSB, being yanked from the boat for telling bad jokes as a Disneyland Jungle Cruise skipper, traveling the world as a rookie stage manager, making it in New York, and working alongside such creative geniuses as Ron Artest. 

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Gaucho Joe O'Brien

Paul Rivas interviews one of the top-ranking UCSB Gauchos of all time, Gaucho Joe O'Brien, on overcoming learning disabilities to succeed in college, being the only two-sport All-American in UCSB history, returning to the campus for graduate school, inciting historic Thunderdome crowds to delirious decibel levels (shirtless or with Batman tee), coaching the men's and women's water polo programs for 10 years, and his new role as Assistant Dean in the College of Letters & Science.

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